Amy Williams
I see you as an example of how God can make unexpected, amazing things happen in unlikely places. Thank you for inspiring us to continue outreach and make it a regular part of our lives. Your outgoing personality and stories made it seem so real and so close – and showed us God can work through anyone and everyone. You have inspired our youth group to serve more!”
~CCDA Workshop attendee

“Thank you! A breath of fresh air. She gets it. She gets me. I get her!”
~UYWI Reload Workshop attendee

"Straight up truth telling in a passionate voice. Praise the Lord! The best seminar I have ever attended in the years I’ve gone to CCDA Conference."
~CCDA Workshop attendee

"You have a way about your speaking that is so easy and awesome to listen to. Thank you for changing my perspective on people. Not just gang members but everyone."
~Center for Student Missions attendee

“You are an awesome inspiration! You have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone in order to help the young people I’m passionate about.”
~Center for Student Missions attendee

"Phenomenal! Encouraging and gave me new knowledge even though I’ve been in this ministry for 8 years."
~Urban Youth Network attendee

"Three years at this conference and this was the BEST workshop I’ve been too!"
~Chicago Reload conference attendee

"The Hope Dealer at worship night was one of the BEST keynotes I have ever heard."
~High School student at conference

about Amy Williams
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